If you are
going to do
do it with
(Freddy Mercury)

Davide Nicoletti

Art Director

Davide Nicoletti: wide-ranging and multidisciplinary Creative, with a twenty-year-old experience in business, commerce, design and fashion industry.
In his activity, he enhances and recovers ideals such as emotion, beauty, style and seduction.
His passion for the world of art, in all its forms, always urges him to look for new points of view, which are never banal or obvious in order to represent the world around him, by understanding it and reinventing its rules.
In his works, Davide uses all his abilities to achieve a creative ideal, which can arousing a great emotional impact between brand and image, between words and marks … in a perfect equilibrium between head and heart.
As Art Director, Davide collaborated with the most famous Italian Publishing Companies to develop important publishing projects and with Communication Agencies to follow advertising campaigns, Branding, Packaging, Graphic Design and Digital. All what above, without forgetting the technical aspects such as the running of services with Press, of budget, casting of models, photographic productions for different Companies and brands which are important in Italy and abroad. In his advertising projects and photos, Davide brings a part of his world, made of art and graphic sensibility; as the work he undertakes is not only a commercial proposal, but it represents that magic which only the creativity in all its aspects can provoke. It must excite people who watch to it, having an indelible mark.
Now, thanks to his different experiences in the field, Davide is engaged also in projects of Trend Researcher and Creative Concept which include Visual and Digital.
In order to follow these works, he often moves behind the photographic lens for fashion shootings and sometimes he collaborates with professional figures, to develop, together with them, strategies dedicated to the fashion and design world.


Art Direction
Packaging Design
Fine Design
Logo Design
Brand Design

Digital Design
Exibition Design
Visual Merchandising & Display

Model Casting
Social Media
Trends Research
Music Consultand
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