I was born in Caltanissetta, a small town in Sicily. Soon, the desire to travel and meet new realities led me to leave my island with only one bag full of dreams and the desire to express my creativity. In fact, after graduating at the Secondary School with an emphasis on sciences,
I moved to Rome to study Graphic Design at IED (Art and Communication University),
as a consequence I broadened to the world of advertising and graphic design. But after
a few years, I decided to continue my studies in Milan to specialize in Art Direction and experience new realities.

My career in the world of graphics began very early, in 1990, when I worked as a Junior Art Director in the publishing field. Here I gained the first skills in the printing process by following all the steps of the finished product, from design to quality control. This experience allowed me to cooperate with the most famous Publishing Houses.

In those years, the desire to explore my creativity led me to follow new directions, in fact,
in 1996 I resumed studying to broaden myself to the world of Illustration and Comics,
at the Arts School of Castello Sforzesco where I learnt that art has no boundaries and I enjoyed in contaminating my work with different ideas and styles.

A few years later, my desire to get involved led me to work for an advertising agency as
Art Director, where I developped my graphic abilities planning trademarks, above and below-the-line campaigns, packaging and corporate branding in different sectors and multinational Companies. During this time, I acquainted myself with my creativity and my instincts to express it, in fact, in parallel with my work, I decided to take another artistic career, following one of my deepest passions: music. So, I chose to study modern singing at Vocal Classes, following a path that would have led me to a new musical awareness and laid the foundation to expand
my desire to communicate and amaze. This new adventure would also have taught me to have a better stage presence and open my eyes to the world of music, taste and style.

At present, I work as a freelance communications in different fields, using artistic languages that I adapt, from time to time, in accordance with the work that I am entrusted with: Creative Concept, Visual Merchandising, ideas for the world of fashion, Design for the retail and the store are just a few of the projects that I follow and develop. The last but not the least, the collaboration in commercials for Companies as researcher of trends, led me to produce private lines of T-Shirts, Underwear, semi-precious Bijoux and Perfumes.

I complete my creative path of continuous research and study with Photography, which is first
of all a personal passion. I took shots in accordance with my taste, halfway between spontaneity and glamour, respecting the soul of the subject that I have to portray, by emphasizing sometimes unexpected features and qualities. In order to achieve this goal, I often look at the world around me through the lens, in the frantic search of new ideas, stimuli and styles that I reproduce during shooting. My professional collaborations in this area are bringing me to specialize in portraits.

This is me, my slogan? Boredom kills creativity.
In my work, emotion, beauty, style and seduction are ideals that I take and heighten in perfect balance between heart and head. Always, the passion for the art world pushes me to explore new horizons and contaminates all my production. A part of my work can be found in this site.

My advice is:
Digital Art Direction | Fine Design | Logo Design | Packaging Design | Editorial Design | Exibition Design | Web Design | Advertising | Photo Shooting |Art Direction for Video and Photo-Shoot | Stylist | Trend Research | Image Consultand | Visual Merchandising |
Concept Display | Music Consultand | Events.

Davide Nicoletti